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Total Dutch Field Hockey And Peak Speed 
Offer Field Hockey Speed & Agility

These sessions are designed and coached by professional coaches of Peak Performance especially for Field Hockey. They will bring players to the next level of elite play.

Peak Speed and Agility training is intended to improve overall performance. The goal is to increase strength and speed, improve conditioning and reduce the risk of injury through neuromuscular training and education.

WHAT MAKES PEAK PERFORMANCE UNIQUE? Peak offers the latest techniques and cutting-edge drills designed to increase a player’s athletic abilities and help them reach their maximum potential. Focusing on education and proper form, players will use a combination of plyometric, agility drills, and strength & conditioning training to reach personal Peak Performance.

PEAK SPEED FORMAT Peak Speed incorporates plyometric training for power and explosiveness, core strengthening and flexibility, injury prevention training as well as techniques to increase speed which include resisted running, over speed training, and form running drills.

Speed- focuses on developing starting speed and maximizing top end speed: utilization of plyometrics and speed training techniques to maximize performance.

Agility- focuses on developing coordination, foot speed, reactive ability, and quickness through the utilization of Field Hockey specific movement pattern drills, plyometrics, with various mobility training equipment.

Conditioning- focuses on developing Field Hockey specific fitness by combining creative training methods with traditional conditioning equipment. Strength Training focuses on teaching proper resistance training techniques for a variety of sport specific exercises with emphasis on core.

Equipment includes: agility ladders, hurdles, cones, medicine balls, and resistance bands and tubing for resisted running

Total Dutch will offer Skill classes again in the Fall season.
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